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How can I pay?

When placing your order we require a 30% deposit. The remaining
You pay the amount one week before delivery. If you choose full
payment when placing your order you will receive a 5% discount on the
total price*. Payment can be made via IDEAL or credit card

*This discount does not apply when ordering a sample box.


What are the delivery times

The delivery time of fronts can be found on the article page. The
Delivery time varies per material. On average, the general delivery time is between
6 and 12 weeks. The fronts are packaged individually. Appearance and week before
delivery you will receive the final delivery date. We kindly request your assistance
to be provided upon delivery for delivery on floor. Our drivers only deliver
on the ground floor.

Loose items such as sinks, taps and handles will be delivered within a few minutes
shipped working days. You can follow the order via track & trace.

What are the shipping costs

From €500 your order will be delivered to your home for free. For orders under
For the 500, you pay 45 shipping costs.

Can I pick up my order?

Orders over €500 are delivered free of charge. Do you have an order?
under €500 and would you rather not pay shipping costs of €45? Then is
collection possible in consultation. Please note that the pick-up address is in Doetinchem.


How does it work

Design your IKEA kitchen or cupboard via one of the IKEA kitchen planners. You can
temporarily place IKEA fronts in the design, so that you know exactly how many
pieces of fronts, covering panels or skirting boards you need. Copy this list
and place the Studio Fedde fronts in your shopping cart. You can now buy the IKEA
remove fronts from the design.

Would you like to have your shopping cart checked? Then share the link of your shopping cart
with a Studio Fedde employee and send your IKEA design info@studiofedde.com .

Would you like help setting up your shopping cart? Then book one online
appointment. We are happy to help you!

Which parts do I buy from IKEA?

Studio Fedde supplies doors, drawer fronts, covering panels and skirting boards. To
To assemble these parts you need all the basic elements from IKEA. Think of
cabinets, hinges, wall mounting, shelves, drawer systems and legs.

You can purchase screws to install cover panels from a local dealer
construction market.

Does Studio Fedde have a store or showroom?

Studio Fedde is an online webshop. You can view our materials at home.
You can order the sample box via the webshop. You will receive the purchase amount as
discount on the purchase of your Studio Fedde fronts or worktop.

It is possible to visit our office in consultation
Doetinchem. Please contact info@studiofedde.com .


How should I assemble the fronts?

Studio Fedde fronts have the same hinge and drawer drillings as IKEA
fronts. That is why you can easily use the IKEA manual. Also for
cover panels, you can consult the IKEA manual.

Studio Fedde does not supply screws to attach covering panels
screws. You can find these at a local hardware store.

Studio Fedde skirting boards are made from black front material
quality. That is why Studio Fedde supplies skirting clips. You screw these skirting clips
to the skirting board so that they can be clicked onto the legs.

How do I install handles?

To determine the drilling points for the handles, you can use the FIXA Drilling Template
Using IKEA. These universal holes fit all handles. The studio
Fedde Oak handles do not have pre-drilled holes. You must submit this yourself
to provide management. Studio Fedde does not supply screws for this.

You can find these at a local hardware store.

How do I install a worktop, sink or tap?

If you order a worktop from Studio Fedde, it will always be measured and measured

The sink is placed in the worktop and the tap is screwed to the worktop.

We kindly request that you check electricity and...
have plumbing work carried out by a recognized installer.

Consider connecting the hob and connecting water.

The worktop is sealed by the technician.

If you sell a tap or sink separately, you can consult the manual for these items.

Does Studio Fedde offer an installation service?

Studio Fedde does not have an installation service.

We can always refer you to one of our partners if you cannot find a suitable technician for it
installing your kitchen or cupboard.


Why do I have to choose a direction of rotation?

For some models we ask you to enter a direction of rotation. For fronts where this is not necessary, you can always turn the front over
the door can be mounted on both the left and the right. Does the door have a
pattern (such as a frame) or a handle strip, then you cannot turn the door
and so we ask you to fill in the direction of rotation in advance.

With a left-handed door the hinges are on the left, with one
Right-handed doors have the hinges on the right.

Why should I choose the position of the handle bar at No.2?

The Studio Fedde No.2 model is a handleless model. There is one in the front
handle molding that allows you to open a door or drawer.

The handle on drawers is always at the top. With doors you can choose whether you want the handle strip
the top or bottom you want. For cabinets that hang higher than worktop height,
we recommend placing the handle strip at the bottom.

For cabinets below worktop height, we recommend placing the handle strip at the top.

Are you in doubt?

We are happy to think along with you. Feel free to send an email to info@studiofedde.com or book online
appointment so that we can help you set up your shopping cart.

Does Studio Fedde make custom fronts?

Studio Fedde makes fronts for IKEA kitchens and cabinets in the same
dimensions as IKEA for the METOD, PAX and BESTA system.

Studio Fedde offers the option of entering your own height or width for some items.

A completely customized item is not possible. However, fronts, covering panels and skirting boards can be sawn to size.

Use masking tape and good sawing material for this.

Can I receive a sample?

You can order a sample box in the webshop.

There are three different Sample Boxes.
A sample box for WOOD fronts, a sample box for PAINT fronts and a
sample box for worksheets.

You always receive all colors in a series, so that you can compare them well. You will receive the cost of a sample box as a discount on your order as soon as you order the fronts or worktop.

Can I return a product?

Handles, sinks and taps, if unpacked, may be returned within 30 days
days after delivery.

Fronts, covering panels and skirting boards are made to measure
and cannot be returned. Do you have material about what you no longer have
can use?
Then dispose of the material at a local landfill for sustainable waste processing.

What is the warranty on Studio Fedde fronts?

Fronts, covering panels and skirting boards have a 10-year warranty.

Read the general terms and conditions here


Can I install two fronts on a dishwasher?

For a consistent style, you can connect two drawer fronts with the IKEA VAGLIG system.

The VAGLIG system only works with drawer holes, not with hinge holes (doors).

Can I turn a door front into a drawer front?

IKEA sells a door-on-drawer system from UTRUSTA.
This contains a template and screws to turn a door into a drawer. You can fill the hinge bores with the hinge caps that are supplied.

Why are the 20x80 and 30x80 drawer fronts and horizontal doors supplied without drillings?

With the MAXIMERA drawer system for the 20x80 and 30x80 fronts, also known as 'pharmacy cabinets',
and the horizontal doors have screws that still need to be prepared on site in the door.
That is why no drawer drillings are prepared in these fronts, otherwise the screws will no longer be usable.

You can easily follow the instructions for proper installation.


What should I take into account when ordering PAX fronts?

Always check whether the cabinets, including fronts and cover panels, fit in the room.
On this page you will find the step-by-step plan for designing Studio Fedde fronts in combination with IKEA PAX.

This way you can fill your shopping cart worry-free afterwards

Can I design the side of the PAX cabinet in the same color as the fronts?

You will find covering panels in our webshop.
Covering panels are made of 18mm thick sheet material in the same material as the fronts, which allows you to finish the side of a cabinet in the same color.

The cover panels are screwed to the side of the cabinet.
You can find screws at a local hardware store.

When measuring the design in the room, consider the thickness of these covering panels.


Can I design the side, top and bottom of the BESTA cabinet in the same color as the fronts?

You will find covering panels in our webshop.
Cover panels are made of 18mm thick sheet material in the same material as the fronts, with which you can cover the side,
you can finish the top and bottom of a cabinet in the same color.

The cover panels are screwed to the side of the cabinet. Screws can
can be found at a local hardware store.

When measuring the design in the room, consider its thickness
covering panels.