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    Material Paint
  • Paint
    Color Stone
    Color Light Walnut
    Color Light Oak
    Model No.1
  • Easy to install yourself thanks to the pre-drilled drawer and hinge holes
  • Free delivery from €500
  • Custom made for you
  • Receive 5% discount with the discount code "SF5"

Premium walnut wood

At Studio Fedde we embrace the rich aesthetic of premium walnut fronts. Each piece of wood is carefully selected and crafted with an eye for craftsmanship to emphasize the natural beauty of walnut. The result is a timeless, warm appearance that adds character and refinement to your kitchen. Our walnut fronts are not only an aesthetic choice, but also a statement of sustainability and quality. Discover the versatile possibilities of walnut and create a kitchen that is both elegant and timeless.

Minimalist and modern

At Studio Fedde we understand the power of simplicity. Our minimalist and modern designs are an ode to clean lines, spaciousness and functional elegance. Whether you are looking for a kitchen with a sleek, minimalist look or a kitchen with a contemporary feel, our designs harmoniously combine form and function. Be inspired by our collections and create a space that symbolizes contemporary style and effortless sophistication.

  • Determined design

  • Quick online order

  • Easy to install

  • Delivery in Europe